100 Reusable Microfiber Cable Ties Price: $23.99 $13.99 (as of 19/03/2020 17:06 PST- Details)

If you are serious about organization and keeping things tidy, you need to buy a pack of these right now. In our opinion, every household in the world should have a 100 pack of these. Not just for electronics and charging freaks like us, but even lay people that just have a lot of cables laying around. Down to the features:

  • 100 pack of reusable cable ties (also comes in 50 quantity)
  • 6″ in size
  • loop for extra security
  • made from microfiber and velcro
  • cut-able
  • daisy-chain-able
  • comes in black (assorted color option also)
  • reusable
  • sturdy
  • returnable and lifetime warranty

Stop dealing with tangled cables! Organize your junk drawer, or any other mountain of cables with these cable fasteners.


You can use these for much more than just phone chargers. Use them for guitar strings, long extension cords, ethernet cable, HDMI cables, telephone wire. You can also add these onto certain devices and equipment like a Shop Vac or an electric lawnmower. These are also great for organizing the cables on the inside of your PC.

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