Mar 08
anker powerline microUSB cable

List of Benson Leung’s (the USB-C Google Engineer Guy) Recommended USB-C Cables

A while back there was a big piece in the media about a Google Engineer making his way buying USB-C cables (amongst other things) and reviewing them. His name is Benson Leung and is a software engineer at Google. He is also obsessed with the USB-C standard, and the technologies that surround it including, but not limited to cables, chargers, portable chargers, and a host of other things. At one point Amazon banned a few products based on his reviews. The bulk of his reviewing was done between October of 2015 and September of 2016, but he’s been hard at work sense then. I’ve counted about 180 products that he’s reviewed on Amazon, more or less.

We’re even starting to see some manufacturers (such as Tronsmart) starting to say “Benson Leung approved” on some of their product images and copy. Can you blame them?

He’s done the world a huge favor. USB-C is a new standard, and we are very grateful to have a person with his skill set in our community so freely (and I do mean freely) reviewing them. He’s purchased each and every one of these cables / devices on his own. If the average cable costs $10 at 180 reviews he’s spent $1800 on product alone, not to mention the time he’s put in testing them, writing them up, and in some cases responding to other folks on Amazon.

Benson Leung’s Recommended USB-C Cables and Paraphernalia

iOrange-E USB 2.0 Type C to Type C Braided Cable
iOrange-E 6.6ft USB C to USB C Braided Cable
RAVPower Type C Cable USB C To C Charging and Sync Cable
CableCreation Type C Cable, 10ft USB-C Male to USB-C Type Male Cable(3A)
lugable 10Gbps USB-C to USB-C Cable (3.3 ft / 1 m, 3A, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C)
Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB-C 2.0 Cable (3ft)
Belkin USB-IF Certified 3.1 USB-C (USB Type C) to USB Type C Cable
Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable
Tronsmart USB-C to USB-A Cable with 56k Resistor
Type C, USB C to USB A iOrange-E 10ft (3M)
GearIT (3ft / 0.9m) USB 2.0 Type C Cable, USB-C Male to Type A Male
USB C, iOrange-E 6Ft Type C Cable Braided with Stepped Connector 1m USB C to USB A Cable M/M – USB 2.0 Cable
USB C Cable, VCE (3.3FT) USB C to USB 3.0 Cable
Spigen C10C0 USB Type C To USB 3.0 Cable With 56K Ohm Resistor
Coolreall​™ USB 3.1 Type C Cable-USB 3.0 Type A Male Charging/Data Cable
BRIDGEGEN 6.6 Ft/2M Braided Cable with Reversible Connector
Suaoki 3.3ft Micro USB Type C Nylon Braided
Xiaomi 3.9ft / 1.2m USB C Cable, Type C Male to USB A Male 2.0
iOrange-E Type C to USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1) 6.6 Ft Braided USB C Cable
iOrange-E 2 Pack Type C to Micro USB Convert Connector
Boot Remedy Fast Charge USB 3.1 Type C to USB 3.0 Type A
Braided USB Type C Cable, BlitzWolf 6 ft Reversible USB 2.0 to USB-C Data
Otium Type C Adapter USB-C to Micro USB Adapter Female Convert Connector
Ventev chargesync A → C Connector Cable, 3ft, Black
JOTO USB-C 3.1 to Micro USB Female Convert Connector
COWEEN Type C to Micro USB Adapter USB C to MicroUSB Converter
MyCableMart 6 INCH USB 3.0 Type-C Male to Type-A Male
USB Type C Cable, Aukey® (CB-C10) USB 3.0 to USB C (Type C) 3.1
Winplus Tech Upgraded USB 3.1 Type C Male to USB 3.0 A Male Charging
Micro USB to Type C Adapter, Nekteck USB-C to Micro USB Convert Connector
Anker USB-C to USB 2.0 Cable (3.3ft) with 56k Ohm Pull-up Resistor
PECHAM USB Type C Cable USB C to USB A Braided Data Cable 3.3Ft [1M]
ANKOVO Nylon Braided USB Type C Cable Charger (6.6 Feet/2M) – Black
NXET Type-C Charge Dock, Charger Charging Cradle
TeckNet 3.3 Ft/1M USB 3.0 Type C Cable
Micro USB Cable, Type C Convert Connector
Black Squid USB Type C Cable 3.3ft (1m) – Type A to Type C Reversible
Ankway USB A Male to C Cable (56 Kohm Resistorfor)
Orzly – New Certified USB 3.0 (Multi-Colour Pack) of USB-C to USB-A Male Data & Chargin​g Cable
F-color Braided Reversible USB 2.0 Charger Cord
iOrange-E Type C to USB 6.6 Ft (2M) Braided Cable
iOrange-E 6.6 Ft USB C Braided Cable
USB Type C (USB-C) to USB 2.0 Type A Charge and Sync Connector Cable for Google Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, 6P, LG G5, V20, HP , ZenFone 3 and Type-C Phone (Black 1M)
2-Pack Type C (USB-C) to Micro USB 2.0 Female Adapter Charge and Data Sync Converter Cable
RAVPower Type C Cable USB 3.1 C To A Male Data Charging Cable
GTcoupe USB Type c(USB-C ) to A USB with 3A Fast Charging USB Cable
Type C Cable, Yoozon® 3.3ft/1m 56k ohm pull-up resistor USB Type C to Type A (USB-C to USB-A) Cable for LG G5,Nexus Devices
CableCreation [2 Pack] 56K Ohm Resistance USB 3.1 Type C (USB-C) to USB 2.0 Micro USB Female Adapter Cable
Nekteck Nylon Braided USB-C to USB Type A Male Data & Chargin​g Cord
USB Type C to USB Type A 3.0 Cable by Qube Gadget
Cambond 10ft Long Braided USB-C With Reversible Connector
Cable Matters USB Type C (USB-C) to Type A (USB-A) Cable in Black 3.3 Feet
Cable Matters USB 3.1 Type C (USB-C) to Type A (USB-A) Cable in Black 3.3 Feet
Nekteck USB 3.1 USB-C to USB A Male 56k ohm resistor 3.3ft/1m Data Charging Cord
USB Type C cable (USB-C) to USB3.0 Type A: TRUE CURRENT
USB C Cable, CHOETECH 3.3ft(1m) Hi-speed USB Type C Cable (USB-C to USB-A)
Anker USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable (3.3ft)
FRiEQ Hi-speed USB 3.1 Type C Cable-3.3ft/1m​-Micro USB 3.1 Type C Male to Standard Type A USB 3.0 Male Data Cable
TechMatte USB-C to Micro USB Adapter Convert Connector

We’ll keep this updated as much as we can.

Why Trust Benson?

Who knows, maybe this is just some big conspiracy. I really don’t know. Either way, Benson works for Google. I’d say that lends him a tad bit of authority on the subject. He’s basically been training for this his whole life. He is an engineer, and surrounds himself with USB-C all day. I mean, how much more of a nerd can you possibly get?

There are TONS of Amazon reviewers out there that are ridiculously smart, that have tons of time on their hand and expensive equipment to test things with. I think what it comes down to is this:

  • Benson works for Google
  • Benson studies USB-C as a hobby and as a job
  • Benson purchases these items with his own money
  • Benson reviews these items on his own dime
  • There is clearly no pattern or favoritism, even with trusted brands
  • Again, Benson works for Google

You can trust these reviews, or you can not trust these reviews. It is your call. We’ve put these here for a reason, I hope you found what you were looking for!