Mar 13

The Smallest (and best) Android Wall Charger Ever

We wanted to write an ode’ to Aukey’s travel wall charger. For starters, the box that it comes in is simply adorable. For you 90’s kids, you could probably fit about 4 Micro Machines in there, that is about it. It is small.


  • 2 ports total
  • 2.4 amps per port (as long as you don’t have them plugged in at the same time)
  • LED indicator light
  • foldable wall plug
  • small
  • adorable

I originally thought this device only put out 2.4 amps total, but that is per port. Thanks to a friendly online reviewer who tested this device, we know that it does put out 2.4 amps per port, which is good to know.

This charger comes in a box about the size of the charger itself, which is small and quaint.

Plugged into the wall, you won’t have any issues with space or it taking up too much receptacle / outlet real estate.

Grasping it in my fingers, while small it feels sturdy. The finish is a bit glossy, so it does tend to attract some fingerprints but that is OK with me. Aukey makes some mighty fine chargers, and this is one of them. This doesn’t have any Quick Charge technology, but it is meant to be a bare bones charger. It is still probably better than most OEM chargers on the market today.

You can throw a USB to micro-USB, lightning, or USB-C in this without any issues, again just be aware it only puts out 2.4 total amps.

The LED indicator light shines white while plugged in. Plugging a device into the actual charger doesn’t seem to have an effect on this indicator light, which didn’t bother me. I suppose it is nice just to see a “juice light.” Just for fun, I plugged it into a “dead” electrical outlet, and no indicator light.

We found out from a few Amazon questions, that another company actually attempted to rebrand and sell this charger at a much heftier price. The tried funding it from Indiegogo but ended up a flop.

This is small, so it will get hot. I suppose that is pretty much a fact for most electronics that are small in size and output a decent amount of power.

Just for fun, I used this as my main charger at home for a week. Here are some of my thoughts:

One of the main things I like about this is the small footprint int he electrical socket. It allows me to plug other things into it, without taking up a lot of real estate.

It doesn’t flop around. A lot of these wall chargers are so big and bulky, that when you push a USB cable into it, it tends to flop around. Not this little guy. It is so sturdy no matter how hard you push on it, it doesn’t move around.

One afternoon I was home all day and had my new phone charging for 2-3 hours. It definitely got hot…actually more like “really warm” but nothing I was overly concerned about.

Several times I used this device to charge more than one device at a time. I didn’t really notice the lack of amperage on either of the devices, but then again I wasn’t testing. If you live in a household where you have multiple devices being charged at the same time, all the time this probably isn’t for you.

This is a great charger for bachelors(ettes), to be used as a travel charger, or for use in secondary or tertiary rooms. For instance, you might not use this as your “main charging station” where you have 3 laptops, a camera and 2 phones, but you might use it in your bedroom or office where you have 1-2 devices max.

I’ll definitely be keeping this charger on hand for travel. I’ll probably keep one upstairs in our loft also, so guests can use it and my kid can charge his Android devices.

Thanks for reading, if you are interested in buying this you can check it out on Amazon now!