Feb 17

Aukey 5 Port Charger Review

I wanted to kick this website off with a review for one of my favorite Android chargers, the Aukey 5 port USB charger. It has 50W / 10A output which is just right, in my opinion.

From the official description, here are the stats:

  • AiPower adaptive charging technology – this basically makes it “safe” to charge your phone
  • works perfect with Android and Apple phones
  • built in USB surge protector
  • has 5 ports – all fast charging (does not have Qualcom quick charge)
  • its listed as about $20 on Amazon right now
  • no cables included
  • no lights, which I am a fan of

Aukey is an excellent company. If you have any issues with this item, they will gladly replace it, no questions asked especially if you order through Amazon. It is very light, it only weighs 3.2 ounces.

What I like about this, is I can plug it into the wall in my kitchen or office, and can plug in multiple devices including my Android phones, iPads, or even other random USB devices like cameras.

On Amazon it currently has a rating of about 4.6 out of 5 stars and has almost 400 reviews. It has an excellent warranty as well! The ASIN is B00UN1LM7Q. If you are a Prime member, and live in the USA or qualifying countries you can order it today, and have it tomorrow.

This charger is one of my “main” chargers. I have a lot of other chargers around my house and office, but this is a primary charger, mainly because the amount of ports. I like it because a lot of modern day chargers “sag” on the wall. They are so heavy the weight of the charger makes it sag. This plugs in with a normal cable. You can also use velcro strips to attach this to a wall.