About Us

We Love Android Chargers!


No lie, we truly love Android chargers…we’re obsessed with them. And not just the super nerdy aspects of charging like amperage, voltage etc. We also love the design aspect of them too! Companies like Anker and Aukey make some really sleek looking chargers.


OEM Chargers can cost $30, or even more for a single charger and flimsy cable. Many times they aren’t even made well, and a lot of them don’t include the latest in “fast charging” technology.” Our chargers are all well made, and have features like multi-port, Qualcom 3.0 fast charging technology, and more.


The key to providing a quality product is to always be testing. This means buying the latest products and testing them side by side against the competition. We’ve carefully reviewed each and every product that we offer on our website, or at the very least take into account verified reviews from other sites.