Tronsmart USB C to Micro USB Adapter (2 Pack)

$6.89 (as of October 24, 2017, 11:18 am)

Want to charge your new USB-C Android device, but only have micro-USB cables and chargers around? Look no further! This nifty 2 pack of Tronsmart micro-USB to USB-C adapters will save you lots of money.

Tronsmart has ensured that this new USB-C to micro-USB adapter conforms to all USB-C standards to be used with Android phones, tablets, and some laptops.

This 2 pack includes 1 black and 1 white USB-C to micro-USB adapters.

Usually ships in 24 hours


This is a 2 pack of Tronsmart’s USB-C to micro-USB adapters. Made from quality components, this adapter is made to fit into a USB-C device, to be used with a micro-USB cable. This adapter is perfect for new device owners with USB-C ports, that still have a wealth of micro-USB cables laying around the house or office. While this will fit with most micro-USB cables, you might sacrifice some of the speed that comes with USB-C.

Features of this USB-C to micro-USB adapter:

  • the USB-C port is reversible, like all USB-C ports
  • low-profile (tiny)
  • data transfer up to 480 Mbps
  • Max current of 2.4A
  • 2 Pack (1 black, 1 white)
  • use with old micro-USB cables
  • Tronsmart guarantee
  • Amazon returns


This is one of the few USB-C to micro-USB adapters that we recommend.


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