AUKEY USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter

$15.99 (as of April 18, 2017, 4:57 pm) $9.99

The Aukey USB to USB-C Adapter is capable of connecting a plethora of “traditional” USB devices such as flash drives, mice, keyboards, and more into a USB-C port. It has a reversible USB-C connector (as all USB-C connectors are) and will plug into your phone or tablet correctly the first time, every time.

This is a 2 pack of these USB to USB-C adapters made from Aukey, a brand we consistently recommend time after time.


Usually ships in 24 hours


This is a 2 pack of  USB to USB-C adapter made by Aukey. One of the best uses for this adapter is its ability to plug a USB stick into your phone! That’s right, you can take any old thumb drive / jump drive laying around your home or office, and mount it on your Android phone. We even wrote up a blog post on how to plug a USB stick on your USB-C phone.

The newest USB Type-C connector is great. It is reversible, faster, and more power efficient. The problem is it is new, so a lot of people still need an adapter. This is one of our favorite picks.

Aukey is one of the few companies that offers a 24 month warranty on their products.


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