Feb 23

Woah! A Portable Charger and Wall Charger in One

Our mind was kind of blown after seeing this new product from Anker recently. It’s not a combo deal, it is a built in hybrid wall charger and portable Android charger in one. The awesome thing about this, is that you no longer have to worry about lugging an extra cable with you if you don’t have it. This product is made by Anker and is named PowerCore Fusion 5000.

The scenario goes like this:

  • You leave your house for the day, your phone starts to die while out walking and use this as a backup battery
  • Next, you stop at your friends house and plug it into the wall, it is now charging the backup battery
  • You can also use it at the same time to charge your phone

The other great thing about this, is you don’t need to worry about lightning cables and compatibility. Since it just has a normal USB-A port.

It is also one of the few portable batteries that appears to charge itself and the battery at the same time.

It also has a micro-USB cable built in, in case you need to charge the device that way.

Anker Portable Charger and Wall Charger in One!

Get ready for this new type of Android charger! A combination portable battery and 2 port wall charger, one of the first of its kind!  This replaces the need to carry around an extra charging cable with you, or worrying about what type of cable will re-charge your external battery. This new type of "hybrid" charger is great for a day-to-day charger. While it only charges most Android phone one full time, you can re-charge it throughout the day anytime you get to a power source. Our personal favorite hybrid charger 🙂

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Price: $49.99 $25.99

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Product Name: PowerCore Fusion 5000 Product Brand: Anker Product Description: PowerCore Fusion perfectly combines the reliability of a wall charger and the convenience of a portable charger. It takes the best of both charging worlds to create Anker’s most versatile charger ever. Product Image: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51uAFrrAhCL.jpg Name Of The Seller: Buy Android Chargers Rating Value: 4 Total Reviews: 20 Reviews